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Managing methodically

Managing methodically

The importance of methodology to create efficient and coherent trainings during the season
Which training is effective?
The effectiveness of a training program "should be not measured according to learning speed or to the performing level reached after the training, but rather to the performing level you have after the training, in real life situations who are the aim of the training itself" (Druckman & Bjork, 1991).
This is science.This is not Guardiola's thought or Montella's or Paulo Sousa's or other great coaches. And confusing science with creed, in youth field football, in training methodology of youth field, can only hurt.
Youth field coaches in Italy, all too often, follow trends or the training exercise of coaches who won the Champion's League, or the European Championship, or the Scudetto; the objectives are different: win and bring up.
Is now time for a change in Italian youth field soccer. We don't have to consider ourselves good or bad coaches only if we win the related championship. The time has come to stop judging as a good or bad coach, a colleague who performs one exercise or another. It's time to rest judging to dedicate ourselves to the best job in the world: grew up future players.
And the starting point must be science, the method.
Method: "[...] rules and principles to adopt in learning to achieve an efficient action". (Wikipedia, 2016)

What about the mission of the coach in the youth sector? Well, the first step is to find our own method, which principles to adopt in every training so that the play of our kids can be affective at the end of the training period and not throughout it.

Which are the principles to adopt? It a complex answer, that YouCoach has decided to sum up in the following points, 7 pillars that will be fully explained in due time and they are here only presented in alphabetical order:

  • GAME

Keep up the good work!


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